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Network-powered capital: accelerating breakthrough innovation.

Dickson & Main makes early-stage investments in companies across multiple strategic domains and leverages the global University of Arkansas network to help drive success across its portfolio.

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A portion of the fund manager's return is donated to the U of A Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation to support a sustainable innovation system well into the future.

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what we do

Partner from 0 -> 1 and beyond.

We provide companies in their earliest stages the connected environment and resources they need to scale transformative technologies.
Knowledge Network

Specialized Knowledge Networks

Leverage an extensive network of industry experts, mentors, and thought leaders to gain unparalleled insights.
Corporate Partnership Network

Corporate Partnership Network

Connect with a robust ecosystem of leading corporations, unlocking partnership opportunities to shape and accelerate go-to-market strategies.
Talent Pipeline

Built-In Talent Pipeline

Tap into a diverse pool of talent emerging from the University of Arkansas.
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Your investment goes further with Dickson & Main.

By focusing investments on companies tied closely to the region's greatest industry and technology strengths and donating a portion of the manager's returns to the Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Dickson & Main serves as an evergreen resource for the region's innovation ecosystem.